We pledge to be stewards of the environment and safeguard our surroundings for generations to come

Conservation of Nature

We’re proud to offer you an ecologically responsible lifestyle with modern comforts without compromising our values.

Our Commitment

∙ Sustainable Design
∙ Biodegradable Bath Products
∙ Smoke-Free Environment
∙ Locally sourced cuisine
∙ Communal Compost
∙ No single use plastics

Love Our Earth

Our water comes from a registered source, meaning it’s potable and we help in preventing excessive exploitation of precious water resources.

We do not sell bottled water or any other plastic bottled beverages. In fact, we refuse single use plastics and encourage you to do the same.

Restore & Regenerate

Your food waste is composted on-site, and then used on a local farm in Manzanillo to nurture delicious organic vegetables, which in return are used to nurture your body at our restaurant!

One Tree Planted Partnership

We partner with One Tree Planted – think about donating at the end of your stay, because for every $1 donated, 1 tree is planted to reforestation programs in the Amazon!

Together, we can restore the lungs of our planet!

Plan Your Stay

Join us and be an environmental steward.

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